Wayne Miller

Break into song!

It's been said that there's nothing better to inspire creativity than a walk (or ride) in the woods.  This has certainly been the case for Wayne Miller.  Wayne has served on the board of the Creeper Trail Club for over five years now and is in his second term as president.  He's a biker, Virginia Master Naturalist, and musician.  You might think that two of those interests could be directly experienced on the Creeper Trail but how would music apply?  Well, it seems that when he rides his bike or takes a walk on the Creeper, Wayne has a song in his heart.  He's fond of taking well-known songs and classic tunes and re-writing the lyrics to match the experience he's having on the trail.  Many a Club meeting has featured a sing-along with Wayne leading on his guitar.  Wayne has shared a few of his songs for us on the website and we encourage you to do the same.  Feel free to download the lyrics and sing along or send us your own to be featured.