Rules of the Trail

The Virginia Creeper can get crowded during busy summer weekends and, while most folks are just out to enjoy themselves, a few simple rules have proven necessary to protect the environment and to make sure everybody has a good time.

  • The trail is for non-motorized traffic only.
  • Bicyclists and hikers meeting horses should yield the trail.
  • Horseback riders should allow bicyclists overtaking them to pass.
  • Horseback riders should dismount and lead their mounts across bridges and trestles.
  • Bicyclists should use caution crossing bridges and should dismount and walk their bikes if conditions dictate.
  • Pack out all litter, including cigarette butts.
  • Camping is allowed in the national forest section of the trail but please camp well off the trail, away from streams and springs.
  • Never camp or build fires on private property without permission.
  • On the Abingdon to Damascus portion of the trail, hunting or carrying firearms is prohibited at all times.
  • On the Mount Rogers portion, hunting is allowed in season. Firearms may not be carried at any other time.
  • Target shooting is prohibited.
  • Helmets are not required for bicyclists or horseback riders, but are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Fireworks are not allowed.
  • Do not block gates or park on the trail.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash not to exceed 6 feet.