Lawrence "The Legend" Dye

Official Creeper Trail Ambassador

Lawrence's lifetime mileage on the Creeper Trail: 175,000 (as of April 13, 2013)

Have you heard the legend of the Virginia Creeper Trail? No, it's not a fairy tale or a ghost story and has nothing to do with the rail line that used to run through these mountains. No, the real Legend of the trail is VCTC's own Lawrence Dye, who has made it his near-daily habit to ride the length of the trail (and back), from Abingdon to Whitetop Station, some 68 miles. Oh, did we mention that he's now over 80 years old and has been doing this since 1990?

Lawrence rides for fun and exercise. A soft-spoken man, he greets both friends and strangers kindly and has helped many a rider with a flat tire. He now knows a great number of the folks who live along the trail and will often stop to visit during his daily ride. Lawrence gets recognized frequently by riders who have heard about him, and often gets asked to pose for photos with them. Though modest about his achievement, he always accommodates these requests with a smile.

Lawrence is a lifetime member of the Virginia Creeper Trail Club and has served on the organization's board of directors for many years. He is a caretaker of the trail and a friend to those with whom he shares the ride. If you are fortunate enough to encounter him along the trail, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell him why you think the Creeper Trail is special. We're quite sure he'll agree with you.