Lawrence Dye approaches milestone

175,000th mile tomorrow

Lawrence "The Legend" Dye is passing a major milestone.  Again.
In 1990, Lawrence Dye rode his first mile on the Creeper Trail.  Tomorrow, April 13, 2013, he will ride his 175,000th.  That's more than seven times the distance around the Earth at the equator.  Lawrence has done it all on the same 34.5 mile stretch of the Virginia Creeper Trail, much of it on the same Lightspeed bicycle.
That's impressive.  Did we mention that Lawrence is 81 years old? That's inspirational.
If you'd like to meet the man who has truly earned his nickname, you are invited to meet at the Abingdon trailhead tomorrow morning at 8:30 as he departs on his daily ride to Whitetop Station and back.  Bring your bike and ride along for a bit of exercise.  Observe the beauty of nature just starting to emerge on a spring Saturday in southwest Virginia.  But more than anything, take a minute to congratulate Lawrence and thank him for being an inspiration to us all and a leader in promoting the Creeper Trail.
If you can't make it, just come the next day.  Lawrence surely will.